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Public Procurement Directorate

Within the framework of the Directorate for public procurement Act:

1. Department for Public Procurement System

2. Department for Public Procurement Procedures and

3. Department for eProcurement, Consultancy and Analitics.

Key tasks conferred to the directorate are:

  • drafting public procurement legislation,
  • drafting legislation to harmonise national law with EU public procurement law,
  • systematically monitoring and cooperating in legislative procedures of EU and WTO to adopt public procurement legislation,
  • preparation of opinions and materials for committees and working groups of European Commission and other EU institutions,
  • standardisation of typical public procurement goods, services  and works, including preparation of samples of tender documentation and establishment of a database with information on market analysis for typical public procurement goods, services  and works,
  • collecting and merging needs of public administrations within the Government for certain goods and services and tendering them as joint procurement,
  • development of e-public procurement, especially informatisation of public procurement activities and establishment of e-catalogue,
  • interpretation of public procurement legislation and giving advice to public authorities regarding significant public contracts,
  • monitoring of the manner of implementation of public procurement rules in practice,
  • organisation of seminars and expert trainings, especially in cooperation with the Civil Servants Centre of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration,
  • preparation of analyses regarding the public procurement system,
  • cooperation with foreign institutions and experts in the field of public procurement,
  • ensuring public access to expert literature on public procurement,
  • enabling access to information regarding public procurement in other countries,
  • establishment of an environment to exchange best foreign practices.